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Neami commit to pay correct minimum rates

27 February 2019 By ASU

The ASU have requested information from Neami about the number of employees affected and how much those employees can expect to receive in back pay from 1 December 2018.

After the ASU contacted Neami about underpayments, Neami identified individuals who were being paid less than the minimum rates in the Modern Award. We had to write to Neami a second time to confirm that we would dispute further delay to rectifying pay rates. Neami have now agreed to pay applicable minimum rates from this week and back pay will be processed by the week ending 22 March 2019.

What is happening with Neami pay rates?

Last Thursday, the ASU received advice from Matthew Colledan advising that action was being taken to resolve underpayments at Neami. Staff also received correspondence on Friday advising that Neami would be passing on applicable Equal Remuneration Rates to any employee whose rate of pay had fallen below the base award rate increase on 1 December 2018.

Neami have also advised the ASU that some rates in your new Agreement will not meet the minimum rates applicable from 1 December 2018. They have written to the Fair Work Commission advising that they will need to make corrections to some pay points when the Agreement is finally dealt with and the approval process is finalised.

The system is out of balance

Employers have too much power and can just offer minimal pay rises and then delay those increases - even when the minimum rates are increased. The rules that made sure working people got fair pay rises are broken. We need new rules to rebalance the system. Working people need rights at work that give them the power they need to win better pay rises and get them paid on time.

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