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Major Change at Neami Limited

20 May 2019 By ASU

An urgent teleconference with Neami management was held on Friday, 10 May 2019 to clarify consultation meetings taking place with employee groups impacted by the transition to new NDIS funding arrangements.

Neami have told the ASU that a lack of clarity from the federal Government and other funders means they cannot confirm tenders for new work post 30 June 2019.

What do we know about NEAMI restructuring?

  • If you are likely to be impacted by the NDIS transition process, Neami should have already arranged to meet with your employee group to discuss how you may be affected.
  • At this stage no employee has been made redundant as a result of the NDIS transition process.
  • With a few exceptions, Neami Limited believe that 24 May 2019 is the latest date that they can notify impacted staff about whether their current position has been made redundant or that their maximum term employment contract will cease.
  • Unless the new agreement is approved before hand, staff who may be made redundant or have their contract terminated will be paid at their current rate up to 30 June 2019.

Next steps

The ASU requested that Neami clarify the number of staff they expect to be impacted by the NDIS transition process in each state and this information was provided. We are also engaged in discussions with Neami on potential pay issues for any maximum term staff who may be leaving and other issues that are affected by the continuing process to approve your new agreement.

We strongly advise members who believe they may be impacted by restructuring a Neami to contact their ASU representative as soon as possible.

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