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ASU members Win! Fair Work Commission increases casual weekend and penalty rates by 25%

06 September 2019 By ASU

The Fair Work Commission had decided that all casuals working under the SCHDS Award should be paid their casual loading in addition to their overtime time and weekend penalty rates.

This is likely to be phased between 1 December 2019 and 1 July 2020, but we are waiting for confirmation from the Fair Work Commission.

This is a good win for casual workers, who until now have lost their casual rate when they work on the weekend or do long hours. The ASU has been fighting for fair weekend and overtime rates since the SCHDS Award was created in 2009. It’s time to celebrate a good union win!

More information

For more information, speak to your organiser or delegate (download the full bulletin here) icon SCHDS Award Overtime Casual Rate Increase Bulletin - 6 September 2019

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