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ASU log of claims additional detail - NEAMI

15 July 2022 By ASU

Valuing our work

  • Fair increases to pay and allowances in each year of the enterprise agreement.
  • 6.5% Pay increase in 2022, future pay increases to maintain 2022 percentage above SCHDS Award, back pay to 1 July 2021.
  • Increase all allowances.
  • Better incremental progression to value our growing experience.
  • New salary bands for each classification.
  • New starters with relevant experience to be at Salary Band 2 or higher.
  •  Ensure all staff are appropriately classified.
  • Review classifications of ALOs, CRSWS/CSWs and Peer Support Workers.
  • New classifications equal to SCHDS Award Level 7 and 8. 
  • Include all undertakings to 2018 Agreement in the new EBA.

Supporting our people

  • Better support career development, including support for training and better study leave.
  • Fair and transparent access to study leave for career progression, with rights to reasons when request is refused.
  • Fair and transparent access to training.
  • Appropriate training and induction for all new starters.
  • Peer training allowance.
  • NEAMI will work with the ASU to ensure that all WHS issues are resolved.
  • Amend agreement for commitment to safety, calling out accessibility for people with disability and gender-affirming access to facilities.
  • Support workers’ mental health and wellbeing, including better access to EAP and external supervision.
  • External supervision for clinicians and peer support workers.
  • Better cultural leave for workers from diverse communities
  • Indigenous bereavement leave.
  • Mental health support clauses, including mental health first aid training.
  • Expand personal leave to chosen and expanded families.
  • Extra leave for peer support workers experiencing mental health crises that require hospitalisation.
  • Improve Paid Parental Leave for primary and secondary carers.
  • 16 weeks paid parental leave.
  • 6 weeks paid partner leave.
  • Superannuation paid on all parental leave (paid and unpaid).
  • Supporting Gender Affirmation/Transition
  • 20 days paid gender affirmation leave.
  • 1 year unpaid gender affirmation leave.
  • 5 days paid leave for employees supporting a transitioning person.
  • Clear rules to support gender affirmation in the EA.

Working together better

  • Flexibility to work from home and the office.
  • Transparent and Fair Rules.
  • Consultation with staff and ASU before WFH arrangements change.
  • Allowances to help with additional costs.
  • Expand the scope of the Agreement to cover MHC employees, maintaining current pay rates.
  • Paid Isolation and Pandemic Leave.
  • 20 days paid pandemic leave per year.
  • End maximum-term and ensure all fixed term employment is used in limited circumstances (like leave replacement and secondments).
  • End maximum term employment
  • Limit fixed term employment to circumstances where employment is genuinely limited.
  • Support fixed-term employees to find permanent jobs at NEAMI.
  •  Support ASU members at NEAMI with stronger union rights.
  • Training and support for ASU delegates.
  • Recognition of ASU in the Agreement.
  • Better consultation and disputes terms.

Keeping what we have

  • Maintain all current conditions of employment, unless they are improved.
  • Any other claims that arise during bargaining.

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