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NEAMI management claims ASU analysis

15 July 2022 By ASU

NEAMI Management is proposing big changes your NEAMI Enterprise Agreement. Read this bulletin to make sure you know exactly what management is asking for in this round of enterprise agreement negotiations.

These are the biggest changes management wants to make to your Agreement:

  • Overnight travel expenses by re-imbursement.
  • Reducing pay for excursions.
  • Expand the span of hours to 6.00am to 8.00pm and deleting the early morning allowance. Your ordinary hours might now start at 6.00am without additional pay.
  • You would be required to consider their operational needs when discussing changes to your hours of work.
  • Remove the requirement to consider employee needs when approving leave.
  • Changes to the definition of ‘shift worker’ so fewer staff will be entitled to 5 weeks of leave.
  • Study Leave limited to study ‘directly’ related to work.
  • Unpaid family and domestic violence leave will not count as service for leave accruals or incremental progression.

Below, we go through each proposal in detail and offer our analysis. We’ve left Management’s reasons in the form they’ve proposed to us, so you can see what they say for themselves.

Some key terms you need to know include:

  • Award – the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010. This is the legal minimum standard for pay and conditions in the industry. You must be ‘Better Off Overall’ compared to the Award for the Agreement to be approved by Fair Work Commission.
  • You can find your Award online.
  • Undertaking – A legally binding promise to meet minimum conditions made to the Commission if the Agreement doesn’t pass the BOOT. Your Agreement was made with 13 undertakings.

iconDownload the full Bulletin here.

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