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Green Army participants need protection from unfair treatment

28 May 2014 By ASU

In order to stand up for the rights of future workers in the Federal Government's Green Army, the ASU has lodged a submission with the Senate's Inquiry.

The Green Army is the Federal Government's work for the dole scheme connected to environmental concerns and issues. As proposed, many of the scheme's activities will be undertaken in the local government sphere, where the ASU is the principal union.

The ASU supports projects like the Green Army, but only when certain conditions are enshrined, including:

  • The focus is to assist unemployed people, providing a pathway to normal paid employment.
  • Participants receive reasonable remuneration for their efforts.
  • Any work engaged in is additional to the work of the full time workforce, ie. does not lead to the displacement of normal employees.
  • All participants are treated fairly with all relevant rights and conditions.
  • Health and safety of participants is paramount, as it is with the ordinary workforce, with employers subject to normal legislative accountability.
  • Participants learn skills that match the national training agenda, so that the project helps them get real jobs in future.

"The ASU's experience of similar labour market schemes in the past suggests that if run well, enduring benefits to the community can be the result," said ASU Assistant National Secretary Greg McLean.

"We are urging ongoing ASU involvement in the design and implementation of the Green Army scheme to ensure that it operates effectively and is a benefit to both participants and the community."

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Contact Details
Name: Greg McLean, ASU Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 0419 796 801