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This weekend join the national Door-Knock for a better future

22 February 2016 By ASU

This weekend 27-28 February 2016, hundreds of union members and community volunteers will be door-knocking across the country. We will be talking to people about the issues that will affect them like their rights at work, their income levels, Medicare cuts that threaten their health, and others.

160222-doorknock meme800pxw>> Click here to view door-knock locations
>> Click here to view the locations map

Registering is easy: after you select the venue you wish to participate in, an online form will appear to take your details.

We will be having face-to-face conversations about the issues that matter to all of us, things like workers' rights being watered down, penalty rates under attack leading to unilateral pay cuts, Medicare privatisation and changes to rebates, and changes to paid parental leave provisions that are making it almost impossible for people on lower incomes to plan their families.

You don't have to be an industrial expert to participate and you won't be alone as all volunteers will be paired up with an experienced door-knocker. You just need to believe in what you're saying and be prepared to share your concerns.

If you want to Build A Better Future, join the fight for our living standards by being part of a door-knocking team near you:

>> Click here to view door-knock locations
>> Click here to view the locations map

Face to face discussions change votes. Imagine how amazing it will feel to be part of such a massive movement for positive change!

More information

The ASU is specifically campaigning around a number of issues we think are important for the security and future of our members. The following links will take you to more information about what's at stake:

Your help in the campaign makes a huge difference

We look forward to your participation in the door-knock or other aspects of our campaign to share information with the broader public.

You can also help us on social media by following our Facebook Page and sharing news items that matter to you – this has a powerful impact when your networks see what concerns you.

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