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Services sector focus a welcome step to securing the jobs of the future

17 February 2013 By ASU & FSU

The establishment of a Services Leaders Group to advise government and drive reforms is necessary to secure jobs and achieve growth, said the Australian Services Union and the Finance Sector Union today.

“With more than 20,000 Australian services sector jobs lost off-shore each year, this announcement is a crucial step to securing the jobs of the future,” said FSU National Secretary Leon Carter.

The new industry-led group will be part of driving reforms in the Government’s Industry and Innovation Statement, A Plan for Australian Jobs.

“We must champion our professional services jobs and claim our place in the global services economy.” said ASU Assistant National Secretary Linda White.

“A growing, sustainable services sector is critical for Australia’s future prosperity.”

A report* released by the unions in October 2012 concluded action was needed to address service sector off-shoring crisis and boost the competitive position of Australian service industries, and recommended the development of a services sector industry plan.

More recently, a union poll highlighted significant public concern over the loss of jobs associated with data storage and administration, with 73% supporting government intervention to protect jobs in the services sector.

“Bringing the key stakeholders together to advance the services sector puts the spotlight on workers’ concerns about job and income security, and can deliver opportunities for future generations of workers,” said Linda White.

“The services sector is losing Australian-based jobs and skills, and once they are lost they are gone forever. Workers in jobs at risk, such as finance and insurance jobs, and professional office-based jobs, can now have their voice heard in a forum that is focused on enhancing the industry, and improving workplaces. That’s a win for workers,” said Leon Carter.

*The ASU & FSU commissioned a report into services sector off shoring from the National Institute of Economic and Industry Research (NIEIR). The report Off-Shore and Off Work was released in October 2012.


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