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Now boarding - Flight to A Fair Go at Flight Centre

31 October 2013 By ASU C&SQ C&A Branch and ASU Victorian Private Sector Branch (joint release)

The Union representing office and sales workers at Flight Centre has called on shareholders at the annual AGM to vote against increases to managerial pay at the same time cuts are being made to the base pay of their employees.

The Flight Centre AGM is being held today at Customs House in Brisbane.

The Union says it's poor governance to give senior executives pay rises whilst cutting workers' pay, particularly when profits are booming.

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ASU Branch Secretary Julie Bignell said today, "Our Flight Centre members are trained professionals who are proud of their work and deserve a fair go and fair wages."

"Today we are calling on shareholders to send management a message that they expect them to be fair to the workers who are the backbone of Flight Centre's record profits."

"Why cut Flight Centre employee base wages to at or below the award rates whilst some Flight Centre execs not only gain base wage increases but also are able to receive short term incentives of up to 360% of that rate?"

"We want shareholders to know the truth about their employees, and not to condone what is going on behind the scenes. We're sure shareholders don't even know that staff pay $9000 per annum out of their own pay just to have a shop front seat. How can anyone condone this behaviour?"

"We have written to Flight Centre twice now asking to meet and sort out these issues but so far management have ducked for cover."

"Today they should explain themselves to shareholders, and they should not be awarded pay and incentives that don't even comply with the recommendations of the Australian Shareholders Association."

The media recently reported a Flight Centre managing director had claimed tourism penalty rates are too high.

The report follows record profits posted by the company and the winding back of staff pay.

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Julie Bignell
ASU Branch Secretary
Central and Southern Queensland Clerical and Administrative Branch
0404 820 627