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Flight Centre Performance improvement plans under scrutiny

16 April 2019 By ASU

There has been much talk about performance improvement plans lately so we thought we would update you on some important information.

Unfortunately Flight Centre was unwilling to consult with the ASU over their new disciplinary procedure. The ASU Victorian Private Sector branch lodged a dispute with the Fair Work Commission.

As a result, the Commission made a recommendation that Flight Centre management provide all policy documentation pertaining to Performance Improvement Plans, Disciplinary Procedures and formal reviews as they currently apply to its employees to the ASU. A copy of the recommendation is included at the end of this Bulletin.

We have received some documentation from the Company and have been considering what steps to take next for members.

Raise your voice about Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs)

Flight Centre has put in excess of 300 Travel Consultants on PIPs. Failure to reach the targets set in a PIP will result in termination.

Flight Centre has decided to use an algorithm to determine who is placed on these PIPs. Nothing besides your current CAC is being taken into consideration. No individual circumstances are being taken into consideration like: the size or location of the store you are at, the store's average Consultant Commission (CAC), how long you have been in that store or if you have just returned from leave (including Maternity leave).

Flight Centre have also stated that they will continue to place consultants on PIPs if they are not reaching a higher CAC to take place again soon after the completion of the current PIPs.

Consultants currently being put on these PIPs are, in many cases, being given 2 months to double their current CAC. Ask yourself: Could you double your current CAC in 2 months? With the added stress of job termination if you can’t? Should your fellow colleagues be expected to?

Staff need to stand together and let Flight Centre know that you do not agree with the unfair way they are currently deciding on who needs to be placed on a performance plan.

Can you act now and sign the petition to support your colleagues facing a performance plan? Sign the petition administered by our Queensland Together branch here:

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