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Helloworld and Qantas Holidays workers want fair and flexible access to paid leave!

30 March 2020 By ASU

On 24 March 2020 the Helloworld group stood down over 1,200 staff for 8 weeks and has not allowed anyone to access more than 2 weeks leave of any type during this time even if you have more accumulated annual leave or long service leave that could be used and which could tide you over this very difficult time. 

We don’t think this is fair….these entitlements are your money and you should be able to use this leave if you want too, to help you through this crisis.

Helloworld have also said that you cannot access sick leave if you are sick. 

Today the ASU has written to Helloworld group General Manager Human Resources Alex Trifonidis demanding fair and flexible access to paid annual leave for employees affected by the stand down. In the last few weeks Helloworld has paid out dividends of 9 cents per share to Shareholders like CEO Andrew Burns and 20% shareholder Qantas and yet the company will not let hard working long serving staff access their own leave and entitlements. This is not fair. 

Helloworld should give stood down workers the support they need to get through this crisis. This must include flexible access to paid leave entitlements. 

Plenty of other employers are doing just that including Qantas, we don’t understand why a company who can pay millions of dollars in dividends weeks before the crisis can’t or won’t allow staff to do this. 

We will keep members up-todate on the company’s response. 

We are expecting that today the Federal government will announce a further wage subsidy package in addition to the job seeker changes made last week. Information about what is available is on the ASU website,

We know that these are troubling and difficult times, but rest assured the ASU will be by your side every step of the way. We will to take any step necessary to protect your interests. 

For more information, speak to your organiser today. 

If you’re not a member of the ASU, you can join online now at our secure form:

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