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Helloworld Needs to Fix the Temporary Work Contracts!

09 April 2020 By ASU, the airlines industry union

On 7 April 2020, the ASU met with Helloworld Group management to discuss the temporary work offer. Following the meeting, we wrote to them to explain the ASU’s position in detail. There are very serious problems with the contracts. They do not protect your accrued entitlements or your normal job. The company is also at risk, because the contracts may breach your enterprise agreement and the Fair Work Act.

We say that the contracts should do these three things:

  • The contract should clearly explain that your work in the call centre is separate to your normal position. This means there is no doubt that you can go back to your old position when the temporary call centre work ends.
  • The contract should explain your rate of pay, your employer for the temporary work (i.e. Hellworld Service Pty Ltd), and the other conditions that apply to the temporary work. The contracts on offer don’t do this. It means they might not even be enforceable contracts!
  • The contract should clearly state that the temporary work is covered by the Helloworld Services Agreement 2015. This is the EBA that applies to any employee of the Helloworld Group. The ASU believes that the call centre work would be properly classified at Band 2.

What your contract says really matters. The words on the page will almost always supersede what you have been told by management.

We believe that you can be engaged to work without signing the contract. We know that some employees have been put under an enormous amount of pressure to sign these contracts. It is unlawful for the company to coerce you to sign a new contract of employment.

We will be holding a meeting of members to discuss this issue on Wednesday April 15 at 5pm. Contact your local ASU organiser so you can get details about how to join this online meeting.

Please pass this bulletin onto your friends and colleagues in the Helloworld Group. If you’re not a member of the ASU, you can join online now at our secure form:

Speak to your organiser for more information. (download the full bulletin here) icon Helloworld Bulletin - 9 April 2020

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