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Privatisation of state owned assets is not in the public interest

19 October 2012 By ASU

Last week, the ASU reported on research from the University of Sydney highlighting the significance to the public of state owned infrastructure, particularly in the electricity industry. In light of reports in recent days about the push to privatise billions of dollars of publically owned assets by Infrastructure Australia and the Productivity Commission, Dr Phillip Toner's research needs urgent attention.

A link to Dr Toner's paper can be found in our earlier item here: Electricity Privatisation in Australia - A Briefing Note

The recent media reports highlight the need for alternate views from Infrastructure Australia and the Australian Productivity Commission to be discussed. Macroeconomic issues are not the only consideration, but outcomes for all parts of Australian society. Outcomes like regional employment, skills and training, the value of public sector owned and operated infrastructure that not only meet the community's needs, but build regional jobs.

Australian ownership of our nation's critical national infrastructure shouldn't be placed in the hands of foreign government corporations owned or indirectly controlled by foreign laws. Only public sector ownership can guarantee Australian ownership, ensure all citizens can hold our governments accountable for public services through the ballot box and that all citizens receive good quality essential public services.

We can no longer allow the burden of foreign debt to build with the sale of public sector assets.

The ASU will be responding to the Productivity Commission and Infrastructure Australia's views as we have in the past when Infrastructure Australia looked to remove waste collection and water services from local government.

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