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Time to put your best deal on the table Jetstar

31 October 2014 By ASU, the airlines industry union


Your Jetstar National Negotiating Team met with the company on 15th September 2014 and 21st October 2014 to see if we can get any closer to finalizing an agreement.

The company continues to say that they want an 18 month pay freeze so that no pay rise would be payable until 1st April 2015.

We have asked the company to put all of its current offer (and we say best deal) in writing to us so that members can see exactly what is on offer as there has been some back tracking and changes in their position and it is currently unclear what the company is offering to settle the EBA.

We hope we have this at our next meeting.

We also asked at our last meeting for updates on our request for the reclassification of positions in particular the CRT position in Head Office and the Despatch position at Coolangatta Airport – the company keeps saying that reclassifying these positions is not "an EBA matter" but we have insisted they look at them and they have agreed to come back to us about these issues.

Team leaders – what does this mean?

As part of our EBA negotiations, Jetstar say too they want to introduce a new team leader position at Airports in the EBA at level 5. We have now received the Position Description for the new team leader position which looks suspiciously like a PSM position – the wording for many tasks is identical! We have drawn this to the company's attention and they are now "reviewing" this. No one wants a downgrading of the PSM job but there may well be a need for a genuine team leader position. Stay tuned for updates on what we next receive about this position.

Payroll update

The latest payroll review, as reported in our last bulletin, is still not finalized for release to staff.

We are hopeful that after our next EBA meeting on 11th November there may be more to report – then again we have said this before.

GroundStar – Rostering System

The GroundStar rostering system was due to start as a trial in Coolangatta Airport before our last meeting – that did not happen but we expect a commencement date before our next meeting – there are technical difficulties we believe, which is no surprise.

Unaccompanied minors / young people

The ASU has been negotiating with Qantas around their unaccompanied minors and young persons travelling policy for a considerable time and in the last few months their policy and procedures have been updated and changed to ensure that staff who work with minors and young people are protected.

Although Jetstar has different carriage policies for unaccompanied minors and young people we know issues do arise from time to time and the company has had unclear and/or a nonexistent policy to deal with a number of situations.

We have raised this with the company and we now understand that there is a substantial rewrite of the policies being undertaken to be completed before year end. We will be consulted about this so watch out for more details soon.

This is an important issue so if you have input contact your local ASU delegate.

What next?

As soon as we get the written offer from Jetstar we will hold meetings of members to discuss our next steps, so watch out for details, in the meantime if you have any questions contact your ASU delegates or organisers (download the full bulletin below for details).


icon Jetstar EBA 5 Bulletin - 31 October 2014

Contact Details
Name: Linda White, ASU Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400