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Emirates Ballot Outcome

16 March 2020 By ASU

The ASU congratulates Emirates staff for sending a clear message to management about what they want from their next EBA.

The voting outcome, as follows:

  • 35 staff voted ‘Yes’ - 20.35% of the total ballots returned.
  • 137 staff voted ‘No’ - 79.65% of the total ballots returned.

This result is also a clear guide for bargaining representatives that the deal on offer was terrible and must be improved. The ASU, ALAEA and bargaining representatives will teleconference on Thursday, 18 March 2020 to discuss next steps for the EBA.

COVID-19 outbreak and impact on ASU members at Emirates

By now we’ve heard a lot of information and been living through an ongoing COVID-19 outbreak or Coronavirus disease. It is extremely important to the ASU that all ASU members be properly informed and be able to expect the best from their Employer.

Across the travel industry generally a strong position has been taken by many airlines who continue to monitor the impact of weakening demand for airline travel and consult with unions about this. Many employers are putting out information to their employees on how to protect themselves and others and taking a careful look at the longer term impacts.

This morning the Australian government announced $17.6 billion dollar stimulus spending focussing on support for businesses.

Emirates uses Coronavirus to punish employees for voting ‘NO!’ to a terrible deal

Industry employers have also needed to react to the impact of COVID-19 on reduced demand travel. For the most part, responses have been calm, measured and pro-active – looking for all the ways to manage reduced workloads and keep their employees in paid work.

Not so at Emirates. Without any apparent consideration for the rights and responsibilities to their employees, Emirates believe the best course of action is to use a health crisis as an opportunity to increase fear and panic amongst staff.

Barry Brown (Emirates’ Divisional Vice President – Australasia) has said:

…The outcome of the EEA vote has been extremely disappointing locally and to our head office leadership, particularly considering the changes we made to the Australian operations during the last year. I was truly optimistic thinking we would see a majority “YES” vote but you have voiced individually and spoken collectively. We are now faced with the COVID-19 virus which started around mid-January and is on a worrying escalation trend.

Given the current circumstances, the leadership team are expected to manage their business appropriately given these challenges.

    • Messaging has already been communicated encouraging staff to take unpaid leave. Based on business and operational needs this will be managed on a case by case basis by Line Managers and H.R.
    • In terms of people expenses and recruitment, the following has been introduced with immediate effect.
      • All prior approved positons require revalidation and this is being managed by local HR and EGHQ. For any clarification, reach out to the HR team…

The ASU says it is unreasonable to punish employees who considered Emirates’ deal carefully – with analysis from the business, unions and bargaining representatives – and rejected an inferior deal for their next EBA.

What’s next

On behalf of our members, we have written to the Company about consultation and their leave scheme.

Given that Emirates may be a beneficiary of direct or indirect stimulus funding, isn’t it also reasonable that that when the Company gets a benefit from the Australian government they pass on the benefits to their loyal Australian employees?

The Australian government is continuing to release health advice for Australians here: Please direct any questions about testing or the welfare of people with the virus to state based health authorities

Ask the union for help

If you are an ASU member and want advice on the process or you have concerns about what has been proposed, make sure you talk to your ASU Organiser.

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