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Enterprise bargaining at Neami underway

12 July 2012 By ASU, the social and community services industry union

If-youre-not-an-ASU-member-asujoin buttonOn Friday July 6 ASU Reps joined other bargaining agents in the first meeting about your proposed pay and conditions.

The meeting provided time for each Bargaining Rep to go through their log of claims and to provide clarity where it was needed and appropriate.

The resounding issue for most bargaining reps was that of being Equal Pay ready and the need to have an understanding of the underpinning Classifications in place at Neami so as to be able to understand the benchmark for bargaining. Classifications are also important to ensure your pay is fair and equitable.

The ASU presented a list of broad claims on behalf of members and agreed to provide greater details on the claim.

The ASU requested detailed information from Neami about your existing classifications - without this it is impossible to negotiate details and ensure that we are working for an improved set of conditions for workers.

As soon as we have the information we need we will be in a position to begin detailed discussions about your pay and conditions.

The ASU bargaining team at the first negotiations were: Emily Mayo (NSW), Lisa Darmanin (Vic) and John Nucifora (National) joined by Neami members: Margaret Allan (Ashfield) and in Victoria Alan Gardner and Hariette Farrance.

The other bargaining reps presented a variety of claims - most of which already form a part of the Union claim. Management were represented by IR consultant Paul Maguire and Neami management: Peggy Ronnau and Sasha.

Why do our underpinning classifications matter?

The ASU Equal Pay decision and order will be applied and calculated against these classifications. This is how we will calculate pay increases for all Social, Community and Disability Workers in Australia.

To be able to negotiate your pay and conditions we need to make sure that you stay above the correct minimum standards; now and into the future.

More information

If you'd like more information or would like to arrange a meeting in your workplace - about the EBA or Equal Pay or any workplace issue please contact:



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