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A message from the ASU Virgin Australia National Negotiating Team

13 December 2012 By ASU


We are extremely proud to introduce our ASU Virgin Australia National Negotiating team who will be representing ASU members at the negotiations for the new Virgin Australia Ground Crew Agreement.

Each Team member may come from a different background, location or experience but all are committed to working closely with ASU members to achieve the best outcome possible. On the other side of this bulletin is something about each of us.

We have firsthand knowledge of what it means to work for Virgin Australia. We know that Virgin Australia is a great airline with a great staff, so we deserve a great agreement.

In negotiations we will also be assisted by ASU officials with bargaining experience across both the airline and other industries. We are representative, we are resourced and we are ready to negotiate.

We will continue to get ongoing feedback from ASU members, and we are committed to providing up to date information about negotiations.

If you are not an ASU member now is the time to join

We are all excited about this new campaign and can't wait to work with you.

  • Alison Barker – Guest Services Sydney Airport
  • Chris Cruse – Advanced Guest Service Agent Melbourne Airport
  • Hatcher Sipola – Priority Assistance Agent Brisbane
  • Roxanne Martines – On secondment as an advanced guest service agent Melbourne Airport
  • Belinda Weblin – Priority Assistance Agent Brisbane
  • Linda White – ASU Assistant National Secretary

Please download the full bulletin to see profiles of the Virgin Australia NNT.

icon Virgin Australia Bulletin #5 - 13 December 2012

Contact Details
Name: Linda White, ASU Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400