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Virgin agreement negotiations kick off

21 December 2012 By ASU, the airlines industry union


The ASU National Negotiating Team met with Virgin management for the first time in Brisbane on 19th December 2012 to discuss what guest services and contact centre staff want to see in our new agreement.

We discussed the ASU claim that has been endorsed by members after our extensive surveying and meetings with staff.

It is your NNT's intention to provide the company with clauses for the new agreement supporting our claims.

At our first meeting we gave the company the following detailed clauses:

  • Claim 5 – Overtime for part time staff for unrostered hours.
  • Claim 6 – A comprehensive consultation clause.
  • Claim 7 – 10 minutes paid time for communications/procedures review.
  • Claim 11 – Part time positions conversion process.
  • Claim 16 – Break/staff rooms and facilities.
  • Claim 21 – Buddy training allowance.
  • Claim 23 – Increase in company's superannuation contribution.

You can get copies of the detailed claims from your NNT member or Organiser.

Zero tolerance policy claim 14

We also discussed the company's zero tolerance policy as it is applies to guest services and indicated that our claim 14 is to remove the current zero tolerance policy process of disciplining and terminating guest services staff for possible date entry errors and simple mistakes in boarding passengers.

What did the company say?

Virgin management asked a number of questions about our claims and said they would consider what we had put so far and come back to us.

The company discussed briefly the proposals on the classification structure that are being rolled out in the company roadshow. We are going to analyse what they have put forward and discuss it with members before responding.

The company says they want to continue the existing agreement without any change. That option is not our position.

What's next?

Your NNT is meeting the company on Friday 4th January 2013 for another discussion on our claims.

We are intending to table detailed clauses for the rest of our claims. We will report back again after that meeting.

If you have questions contact your local rep or NNT member (download the full bulletin below for details).

icon Download the Virgin Australia Bulletin #6 - 21 December 2012

Contact Details
Name: Linda White, ASU Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400