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How to vote NO at Virgin

26 April 2013 By ASU

Voting for the Virgin Ground Crew Agreement 2013 starts at 0001 on Tuesday 30th April 2013 and closes at 2359 on Friday 3 May 2013. To make your opinion count it is important to vote.

Have you got the email?

By 26th April you should have received an introductory email or correspondence from the independent voting company Corp Vote about the ballot. If you have not received anything you should ring the Voter Support Number 1300 428 082.

After this first email you will receive another email with a voter access code and instructions on how to vote as the vote opens on Tuesday 30th April. An SMS will also be sent but these will not have your voter access code this information is only in the second email you receive.

How do I vote?

To vote you need:

  1. Virgin Australia Employee ID Number
  2. Corp Vote Access Code

You can vote either online or by SMS – details of how are in the instructions you receive in the second email.

If you have problems or you do not get the emails ring the Vote Support Number 1300 428 082 IMMEDIATELY.

Voting is confidential – no one including Virgin will know how you vote.

Why you should vote NO

Your ASU National Negotiating Team strongly recommends that Virgin Australia Staff vote NO.

We believe on many counts the agreement is not good enough because it:

  • Fails to recognise skills
  • Fails to reward long term staff or advanced staff
  • Fails by reducing rates for airport control
  • Fails to reflect or equal industry standards
  • Fails to detail how the transfer to the new structure works
  • Fails to include trainers
  • Makes promises without time frames and does not properly prioritise work going to Virgin staff
  • Has motherhood statements about part-time conversion with no substance
  • Provides no trigger for employees converting from part time to full time and is not transparent or fair
  • Does not properly reward staff who perform higher duties
  • Takes no account of multi start allowance or buddy allowance
  • Is basically a 3% p.a. deal with no real improvements.

Got any questions?

For more information please contact your local organisers or NNT. Download PDF bulletin here for contact detailsicon virginaustralia-bulletin130426-015.pdf.

Contact Details
Name: Linda White, ASU Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400