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Virgin ground crew reject agreement time to restart negotiations

06 May 2013 By ASU, the Airlines Industry Union


Late on Saturday night (4th May, 2013), Virgin finally advised staff that, as we expected, the Virgin Ground Crew Agreement 2013 has been rejected by a majority of staff.  Congratulations to all ASU members and representatives who worked hard to ensure there was a "NO" vote and that we did not accept a poor agreement. At this stage Virgin management are not saying what the margin was, all we know is that 79% of staff covered by the proposed agreement voted.  We're guessing that because the company is not saying – the vote was not close!

What should happen next?

Virgin management say they are going out to speak to staff to "help us understand where we can improve".  You need to tell the company you have representatives and it is time to meet with your ASU National Negotiating Team and listen to what they are saying and fix our agreement ASAP.  Your ASU NNT know exactly what is needed:

  • Better pay rise.
  • Recognition of the contribution of long term staff.
  • Recognition of our skills and industry standards.
  • Inclusion of Trainers and Team leaders in the agreement.
  • Part-time provisions with a trigger for conversion to full-time.
  • Better higher duties provisions.
  • Contractor rates.
  • Priority of work to Virgin staff.
  • Better allowances.
  • Improved rostering.
  • Recognition of the increased work complexity as a result of SABRE.

Time for everyone to work together

Your ASU NNT also believe that to get the best deal in the EBA we all need to work together and we will be urging all Union members and negotiating teams to work together to achieve the agreement we deserve. We know many Pit Crew as well as Guest Services and Contact Centre staff voted against the proposed agreement, so we think it is in everyone's interest to work together to finalise a new better deal as soon as possible.

What else can we do?

We are writing to Virgin management today seeking new meeting dates as soon as possible – we hope this will happen but if not then we will look at asking the independent Fair Work Commission to intervene. We have seen the effectiveness of working together across the country to vote down a poor agreement – your NNT will also be discussing further collective action we can take to ensure our concerns are addressed.  Watch out for details of meetings and information about this.

Want to join the ASU?

Many staff have been joining the ASU, if you are not already a member now is the time to join.

Got any questions?

For more information please contact your local Organiser's or NNT. Details in bulletin.

Download the full bulletin here icon Virgin bulletin 16




Contact Details
Name: Linda White, ASU Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400