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Next negotiations finally scheduled at Virgin

02 July 2013 By ASU


After a couple of false starts, Virgin management has finally locked in another date to resume negotiations for a new agreement for a new ground staff agreement at Virgin Australia.

Our next meeting is to be held in Brisbane on 8th July and your ASU National Negotiating Team (NNT) are raring to go and keen to negotiate a better deal for guest services and contact centre staff.

Virgin have also suggested that a meeting be programed for 22nd July 2013 but this date has not been confirmed yet – we hope it will be.

We want Virgin management to focus on our key claims and recognize the significant contribution that we make.

We are planning to hold meetings of members after the negotiations to update you on progress and to discuss our next steps if Virgin management don't move on our key claims.

Meanwhile... no news on annual leave

Despite flagging with Virgin management in January 2013 that there are significant calculation errors with many shift workers annual leave penalties calculations, Virgin management still says they need more time to sort out what is owed to which staff.

We find it very hard to believe that it can take so long and unless we get a satisfactory update on 8th July we will be exploring what other options staff have to reclaim money that is obviously owing to them because of the underpayment of shift penalties on annual leave.

Check out our next bulletin for updates.

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icon Virgin Australia Bulletin #19 - 2 July 2013

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