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Time to pick up the pace at Virgin

15 August 2013 By ASU, the airlines industry union


Our third meeting about a new Ground Staff agreement post the agreement vote down in May 2013 was held on 29th July 2013. Both Virgin management and representatives of the Pit Crew union, the TWU were in attendance.

Apart from the annual leave loading news, which we reported separately in our bulletin on 30th July 2013, nothing much occurred.

Why is it so slow?

Unfortunately the Pit Crew union had not served their claim on Virgin management and as a result the company representatives said they were not prepared to respond to our claims without knowing what else is being put by the Pit Crew union.

Your reps expressed their dismay at this situation as we have been raring to go to finalise a better deal since the first proposal was knocked back in May 2013. We have clearly told the company what you have been telling us right from Day 1 about what is important to you.

We believe the other union will have its claim ready by the next meeting which is scheduled for 26th August 2013.

What next?

Your ASU National Negotiating Team will attend the next meeting and report back about progress. In our view negotiations need to pick up pace considerably. We are prepared to meet any time or anywhere. We know this is what you think and we are determined to make this happen. Watch out for more details on what you can do to get the best deal possible.

Need more information?

For more information please contact your local Organisers (download the full bulletin below for details).


icon Virgin Australia Bulletin #22 - 14 August 2013

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