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Some progress at Virgin but the devil is in the detail

05 September 2013 By ASU, the airlines industry union


At our latest meeting on 2nd September 2013 about a new Ground Staff Agreement the company tabled a preliminary proposal about a new classification structure for Guest Services and Pit Crew.

This development is a good start but their proposal is far from final with crucial information about the money on offer, how staff progress through the structure and how existing staff translate on to the structure still missing. The company reps say they are still working on these details and it should be ready for our next meeting.

The company has no immediate proposal to change the Contact Centre Classification Structure rather at this stage they are proposing a review of the structure within 6 months of reaching agreement.

We have no detail on what the money offer is but as we know this is Crucial.

Some changed responses on other claims

Virgin management have been relooking at some of our claims that were tabled in December 2012 and there seems to be a change of heart on at least some of these claims, like the inclusion now of a foreign language allowance, recall minimums of 4 hours, and greater rostering flexibility. The company was not in a position to table a written response to our claims but we expect to get the detail before our next meeting.

No time for slowing down

We understand the Pit Crew union may now have given Virgin their claim, your NNT believe that we should not slow down negotiations in any way, what we need to know sooner rather than later is if Virgin management have a revised package we are happy with. We have said we will meet as often and as soon as management can meet. We are disappointed that the Pit Crew union don't want to meet together with us with management – we think a united front will get the best deal but the Pit Crew union think differently it seems.

Unity is key

If we cannot get an acceptable offer from management we all need to consider what our next steps will be. Although this last meeting was positive we cannot afford to let negotiations drift out. Your local NNT members and ASU organiser will be talking to members about how we can ensure we get what we deserve from this new agreement as soon as possible.

Our next meeting

Our next meeting with the company is scheduled for Monday 16th September 2013 we intend to discuss both the EBA and also the Annual leave loading payroll issues at that meeting and we will report back to members after that.

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Need more information

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