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Virgin EBA approved by FWC

06 February 2014 By ASU, the airlines industry union


On 29 January 2014 the Fair Work Commission approved your new EBA. This is fantastic news and testament to union member's perseverance in holding out for a better agreement.

Your new EBA takes effect 7 days after Commission approval so therefore all of the new provisions and improved conditions are not too far away.

When do I get my increase?

The company agreed to back-pay your wage increases to 8 December 2013 so you can all expect to receive a pay increase very shortly as well as back-pay.

The ASU will follow up with Virgin to find out the exact timing of the back pay and increases and advise you as soon as we have the information.

It pays to be Union!

Once again it is testimony to the fact that if we stand together as union members we can gain significant improvements that would not otherwise be forthcoming. Most people will be receiving real pay increases ranging from 8% to 13.3% by July of this year and up to 24% over the life of the agreement, not to mention the increases to allowances as well some new ones, along with all of the other significant improvements.

It's time to get on board!

If you are not yet a member of the ASU then it is time to get on board without further delay. The benefits of union membership far outweigh the minimal cost of membership.

EBA improvements

Here is a reminder of what we have achieved together during these EBA negotiations.

  • Pay rises: December 2013, July 2014, July 2015 & July 2016 ranging from 17-24%
  • An additional increment for long serving Guest Services staff – payable to some immediately.
  • Increments for GCC Advanced Agents.
  • Increase minimum guaranteed part‐time hours from 20 to 22 hours per week.
  • New jobs and career paths for Guest Services staff.
  • A new classification structure.
  • Commitment to improving rostering and consulting on rostering standards.
  • New allowances for Guest Services, e.g. projects, foreign language allowance.
  • New Recruitment & Selection procedures based on length of service for the selection of GS1‐4 jobs and for the conversion from part‐time to full‐time.
  • Increased allowances.
  • Commitment to employ Contractors only in entry level roles.
  • Commitment to a minimum percentage of full‐timers in Guest Services and Pit Crew (an industry first) and commitment to full‐time employment.
  • Improved Workplace Consultative Committee.
  • Improved Higher Duties clause.
  • Clearer and better wording in many clauses, e.g. annual leave, meal breaks, casuals, consultation, parental leave.
  • Three (3) Recognition days for existing employees that is accrued in December 2013, 2014 and 2015.
  • Ability to retain two DIL's before accessing annual leave.
  • Improved Dispute Resolution Training provision.

What's next?

There are still many things to be done locally within your workplace and many improvements that can be gained by continuing to stick together. Join the ASU today and let's continue to improve your working lives together - you can join online

Got more questions?

If you have more questions, contact your ASU NNT member or local ASU organiser (download the full bulletin below for details).


icon Virgin Australia Bulletin #28 - 31 January 2014

Contact Details
Name: Linda White, ASU Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400
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