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No list of claims from Virgin management yet

27 March 2017 By ASU, the airlines industry union

Your ASU delegates met with Virgin Australia management in Brisbane on 20 March 2017.

We provided a lot more detail about the changes ASU members want to see in this new agreement. Our discussions focussed on:

  • Fairer use of chronologies – making sure employees know when entries are made and can respond;
  • Rostering arrangements – allowing employees to swap shifts and making sure rostering is done in the best way it can, to make sure there are limited unallocated shifts, so there is more certainty for employees;
  • Eliminating the ROS day;
  • Limiting the use of contractors to make sure there are decent jobs and career paths for Virgin employees; and
  • Increasing paid parental leave so it is in line with community standards.

Unfortunately, even though we have been bargaining since January, Virgin could not give us many responses to our claims, or tell us what changes they want in the Agreement.

We expect to receive Virgin’s log of claims at our next meeting on 20 April 2017. We will keep members posted on developments.

The good news: Agreement reached on Family Violence Leave

The ASU made a claim to increase Family Violence Leave for Ground Crew from 5 to 10 days a year. Virgin has advised it will agree to this claim and the new Agreement will include access to up to 10 days Family Violence Leave a year. Well done to ASU members who have championed Family Violence Leave at employers across the country and have now achieved this improvement at Virgin Australia.

For more information please contact your local organiser. (download the full bulletin details) icon Virgin Australia Bulletin # 4 27 March - 2017

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