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FWAs next steps following National Workplace Consultation Committee in Brisbane

19 November 2018 By ASU, the airlines industry union

The NCC – 14-Nov
ASU representatives and delegates attended the National Consultation Committee in Brisbane last Wednesday. Delegates told their stories about the impact of proposed company-wide changes to their Flexible Work Arrangements which could leave some staff out of pocket by up to $7,000 per annum.

We said that the consultation provisions in your Agreement need to be followed and that staff with a genuine need for Flexible Work Arrangements must be heard.

We made a proposal that Virgin Australia should review the needs of all staff and they have agreed. Virgin Australia must also assess each application on its individual merits, taking into account your particular circumstances.

Flexible Work Arrangements
The Fair Work Act provides protections for parents with caring responsibilities, so you can continue to work and provide income for your family. You have the right to request changes to working arrangements including changes in hours of work, changes in patterns of work and changes in location of work. Supporting these arrangements ensures that the workplace is diverse and inclusive – these are the values that the company says help employees thrive – they also ensure the workplace is productive and fair.

Review of current arrangements
Virgin Australia is now reviewing all Flexible Work Arrangements. Team members who have caring responsibilities should now request the hours per week they actually want and provide information about the pattern of work they would like. You should do this by 7 December 2018. Virgin Australia must also respond in writing to your application within 21 days.

Join with your colleagues to demand respect at work by joining the ASU here:

If you have any questions speak with your local ASU representatives. (download the full bulletin here) icon Virgin Australia Bulletin # 22 - 19 November 2018

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