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ASU and Virgin Australia National Consultation Committee meeting update: Occupational health and safety at work

19 July 2019 By ASU

At the most recent NCC meeting on 19 June with the company, the ASU was told about plans to launch “Care Crew”, a novel approach to managing mental health issues at Virgin Australia.

As it was presented to us, we heard that “Care Crew” would be a volunteer peer support programme launching in Ground Operations by September 2019. Following an interview process with management, employees would get 2 days training to perform ‘Mental Health First Aid’ in the workplace. This would be in a strictly unpaid, volunteer capacity and may not be on work time.

ASU delegates raised immediate concerns about the importance of managing confidentiality for all types of health issues at work. The union also raised concerns and queries that remain unanswered.

 What we don't know

•       Is this programme suitable for the work that you do? Virgin Australia already offers employees a referral to a psychologist through the company’s Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

•       What are the risks? We asked Virgin Australia to provide their detailed risk assessment for the proposal, as well as the training requirements developed for successful “Care Crew” volunteers. We haven’t received this information and will write to the company to make the request more formal.

•       What’s the context? A low cost programme like this shouldn’t be implemented in place of properly addressing occupational health and safety risks in your workplace.

There could be better ways to ensure that Virgin Australia meets all their occupational health and safety obligations. A peer support programme may not be the best way to manage psychological injury and illness at work. Other responses might incur a greater cost but be more effective responses that ensure that you are safe at work.

The ASU believes Virgin Australia should consider all options.

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For more information download the full bulletin here icon Virgin Australia Bulletin #28 17 July 2019

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