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Shift cancellations due to lockdown/border closures

11 March 2021 By ASU

ASU delegates and officials have been meeting regularly with Virgin to deal with member concerns about shift cancellations due to lockdown/border closures and other resourcing issues.

While we all hope that there will be no further snap lockdowns and border closures, and that Virgin’s flying schedule will become more predictable, we have worked on a set of principles with Virgin to ensure there is a consistent approach across the board where lockdowns or volatility occurs.

Future stand downs

If there is a lockdown or border closure as a result of COVID-19 and this results in significant flight cancellations, Virgin will stand down team members from rostered shifts that are no longer required to be worked (due to the flight cancellations). The following terms will now apply:

  • Impacted team members would be provided at least 3 days’ notice of the shifts they are to be stood down.
  • Virgin will also initiate talks with the ASU as soon as possible.
  • If within the 3 day notice period, the team member is rostered shifts which are not required to be worked due to the cancellations, Virgin may still stand you down but will pay you for each shift.
  • The cancelled shifts and stand downs will predominately occur in the port(s) impacted by a lockdown/border closure – other stand downs may still occur in other ports.

Shift cancellations

The following processes will apply for any shift cancellations:

  • Where there are shift cancellations due to snap lockdowns/border closures: An EOI process will be followed and team members can express interest in having shifts removed from the roster.
  • Where there are shift cancellations due to changes in schedule after roster publish: Virgin will give you at least 7 days notice of the cancellation and will ensure that you do not fall below your minimum hours as a consequence of the cancellation. This is the minimum requirement of clause 22 of your EA.

We will continue to meet with Virgin and update you about ramping-up operations over the coming months, increasing resourcing opportunities and implementing other processes in your new EA.

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