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Virgin must prioritise Team Members before Hoban

25 March 2021 By ASU

In an astonishing flip on the commitments Virgin has made to ASU members, including meaningful consultation with the ASU before engaging ANY Supplementary Labour, Virgin admit they initiated discussions with Hoban to start working in MEL and ADL by Good Friday!

The ASU immediately called for an urgent meeting with Virgin and met with them this morning to try to understand their plans.

Virgin still claim they have not entered into a contract but will now seek to engage Hoban contractors for up to 6 months, at 3 ports (BNE/MEL/ADL). This is a much longer period than the 10-12 weeks we were notified about less than 24 hours earlier!

Team Members deserve clarity about their jobs

Virgin should take all steps necessary to allow employees to return work as soon as possible.

If staff are to believe that Stand Down arrangements need to continue, then Virgin must offer every minute of useful work to its employees. We have strongly advised Virgin to properly consider their obligations to Team Members:

  • No Team Member should be worse-off as a result of having to work alongside contractors.
  • There should be no redundancies as a result of engaging contractors.
  • Team Members in the work pool must be allowed to maximise opportunities to work – including working overtime when it is available AND returning full-timers to their full-time hours.
  • Ensure all Team Members have access to training and support to allow them to get back to work.
  • Any contractor brought in while Virgin takes 6 months to make necessary changes to their payroll system, must be converted to permanent employment with Virgin as soon as possible.

EOIs to return from LWOP

We have put Virgin on notice to take urgent action and determine who in the pool of employees taking LWOP - who would otherwise be working at BNE, MEL or ADL – wants to return to work and get an understanding from those employees about what they need from Virgin to return at this time.

We are still planning to meet with Virgin on Monday, 29 March 2021 to hear their responses to the concerns raised and will update you when we hear more.

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