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Help us achieve a superannuation system that guarantees retirement security for all

18 October 2016 By ASU

Everyone deserves to have a comfortable retirement and yet on average women retire with less than half the superannuation that men retire on. We’re seeking assistance from ASU members and supporters in our campaign to close this devastating superannuation gap that sees so many Australians facing financial insecurity and poverty in retirement despite a lifetime of contribution through work and caring. This vital work builds on the major survey we did in October 2015 but we need more information to build a compelling case that the Federal Government will not be able to ignore.

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161011 super retirement not tax haven1200pxwLast year we conducted a wide ranging survey on financial security in retirement which was completed by a large number of our members and supporters. Their experiences shaped our submission to the Senate Inquiry into the economic security of women in retirement, with the final Senate report echoing our findings.

Both the ASU and the Senate agree that a great deal more must be done in order to remedy the dire future that many Australians face as a result of a system that does not recognise the realities of our lives. So the ASU is preparing a new comprehensive report that will detail the policies and actions that will result in a superannuation system that serves us all.

We need your help to supplement the work we started in our 2015 survey, so we can continue our campaign to change the outcomes for women in retirement. Your participation means we can strengthen our case to Government and get further community support, so please take five minutes to complete our new survey.

Children need raising, family members with disabilities need support, sick and/or aged relatives need caring, and so much of this is done by women who forego paid employment only to face the “reward” of a retirement spent in poverty.

It’s not good enough and we will work to change this with your help!

The deadline for responses is 24 October 2016. Rest assured responses are anonymous, and both men and women are encouraged to participate because supporting working women benefits all Australians.

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Contact Details
Name: Linda White, ASU Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 03 9342 1400