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Join ASU Activists

29 April 2016

Why join the ASU?

10 January 2014
By becoming a member of the ASU you will join thousands of other Australians striving together to defend and advance our rights at work. Together we achieve much more than we do alone. We campaign together in our workplaces to reach the best possible agreements with employers. We defend individual…

Resources Index

22 November 2012
The ASU provides a number of resources and tools to assist our members and potential members. From joining online, to changing your details and seeing our calendar of events. This section of the website contains links to the most important resources but others will be found on industry and campaign…
Below are links to the service agreements for each ASU Branch.  NSW & ACT (Services) Branch  NSW United Services Branch  Taxation Officers' Branch  Victorian & Tasmanian Authorities & Services Branch  Victorian Private Sector Branch  Queensland (Services & Northern Administrative) Branch Queensland Together Branch  South Australian & Northern Territory Branch  Western…
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Photos & Videos

01 November 2012
The ASU has extensive photo and video resources recording special events for our members and other related events.   Photos Please visit the ASU National Flickr photo collections. Amongst others, we have photo sets and collections for the following areas: Various rallies during the Equal Pay Case for social and…


01 November 2012
 The ASU lodges submissions to national inquiries in the course of our work to ensure that the voice of our members is heard in all the relevant debates. Parliamentary inquiries, investigations by the Productivity Commission, these can all shape how governments make policy decisions. To ensure our members' interests are…


01 November 2012
A selected list of publications produced by the ASU follows. You can find our submissions on our dedicated ASU submissions page.     About the ASU These brochures summarise the who, what, why and when of the ASU plus information about coverage, a directory of Branches and a summary of…


01 November 2012
Disclaimer: Australian awards have been in transition since 2008 as modernisation and other processes have taken place. You are urged to speak with your ASU organiser to determine which industrial instruments (awards and agreements) cover you. The list below is a guide only and should not be relied upon as…