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ASU at #BustTheBudget rallies across the country

27 June 2014 By ASU

More than six weeks ago, the Abbott/Hockey Federal Budget hit Australians so hard, that the resulting anger continues to shape the public dialogue today. The Coalition Government is continuing to hold firm to their draconian plans for Australia, despite the widespread outcry. Let's show them that we will not forget or be lulled into passivity – take action! The latest national action is rallies across the country on Sunday 6 July and this weekend if you're in Tassie.

bust-the-budget600pxwNote: Tasmania's #BustTheBudget action is this weekend in Burnie – download the flyer here

The union movement will rally to Bust The Budget across the country and we are calling ASU members and friends to join these actions. We need to let the Federal Government know in no uncertain terms that their Budget will not be tolerated. We need to impress upon Abbott, Hockey and co that their Federal Budget does not reflect our community standards of fairness and compassion.

All ASU members will be touched in some way by Budget measures we believe undermine the Australian concept of a fair and civil society. Many ASU members will also be affected directly at work:

  • Local government funding is to be slashed
  • Funding cuts to social and community services will lead to the closure of many services
  • Staff numbers are to be cut at the Australian Tax Office
  • Incentives introduced for electricity privatisation will inevitably lead to loss of jobs and skills in the sector, with customers to pay more

These Budget changes will have flow on effects to our communities who will see quality services undermined or removed entirely.

There are many more areas causing grief in the community, some of the key ones are:

  • Medicare co-payments
  • Deregulation of university fees
  • Six month waiting periods for young jobseekers to receive unemployment benefits, then six months on, six months off
  • Reducing education and health funding to state/territory governments by $80 billion
  • Raising the pension age to 70 years old
  • Cuts to the age pension via indexation changes
  • Plus many more

ASU at the rallies

The ASU will be officially sending delegations to the rallies below.

This weekend, Saturday 28 June:

Sunday, 6 July:

  • Sydney, NSW – "Bust The Budget", 6 July at 1pm, Town Hall Square
  • Adelaide, SA – "Bust The Budget", 6 July at 11.30am, Victoria Square
  • Melbourne, VIC – "Bust The Budget", 6 July at 1pm, Queen Victoria Gardens, opposite the Arts Centre
  • Grange, QLD – "Stand Up For Stafford" Family Day, 6 July - download the flyer for details

Rallies will also be held in Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Lismore and Wodonga on 6 July. If you're on Facebook you can get more details here:

Send us your rally photos

If you are attending a rally, send your selfies and photos of family and friends to for our photo album. Better yet, wear your favourite ASU T-shirt!

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Contact Details
Name: Greg McLean, ASU Assistant National Secretary
Telephone: 0419 796 801